Serious Games

Queers in Love at the End of the World by Anna Anthropy

  • Demonstrates how text-based games can be both short and personal.
  • Additional coding can be utilized to add features to text-based games like timers.

SPENT by McKinney

  • Shows how media can be combined with text to enhance experience.
  • Simulate experiences and improve understanding of difficult choices.

Choice Texas by These People

  • Illustrates how text-based games can give players various experiences through role play.
  • Gives players situational empathy for others facing various life-choices.

Syrian Journey by BBC

  • Shows how games can engage players in current political topics.
  • Artwork can dramatically enhance the game experience.

What You Can Save by Jennifer Malkowski

  • Uses prompts to let players submit information to use during the game.
  • Great example of what can be built in our timeframe (a XP example!).

Playful Games

Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet by Stephen Colbert

  • Shows how media can be combined with text to enhance experience.
  • Text-based games can be used to express humor.

Seedship by John Ayliff

  • Deep Sci-Fi game based on risk and reward that is heavily replayable.
  • Relies on randomly generated events and coding to create rich story variety.

Faculty Made Games

Student Made Games*

*List from this blog post.

Additional Games

Discussion – Meaningful Play

What is Meaningful Play?

  • What makes these games educational? Valuable? Critical?
  • What narratives did you like best?
  • What game mechanics were most fun/interesting/challenging/memorable?


Remote Participants TODO List