This session will be spent outlining and storyboarding out game ideas. During this planning phase, we will focus on the scope and scale of each game and develop what experiences we want players to encounter. The following video is a great introduction to many of the ideas we will explore as we start building games:

Game Element Ideas

A game can reinforce principles students may have learned during a lecture or video. Below are some ideas for educational games from eduTwine. Use the examples below to help you generate ideas that are applicable to your own class.

Evaluation of Information
Plagiarism Wizard
Solving a Mystery/Scavenger Hunt
Decision-Making Wizards
Resource Picker

Discussion – Digital Storytelling

Stories can engage students in learning, especially when multiple mediums (games, video, text, etc.) are combined as part of digital storytelling.

  • What kinds of simulations/games/quizzes do you use in your class already to help students explore your subject?
  • How could you adapt a discussion activity you already have in class or a quiz into an interactive fiction game?
  • What narrative devices have you most enjoyed in the books that you’ve read and games that you’ve played?
  • What narrative/game devices could you use to help your students deepen their understanding of a concept or develop empathy for the people they’re studying?
  • How would you storyboard your favorite movie?
  • How can you use branching narratives or recursion to provide students with choices as they move through a story?


Remote Participants TODO List