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eXperience Play (XP) is curriculum for using Twine in your classroom to engage students in digital storytelling and/or game design. It has also been used to facilitate professional development to introduce instructors to the pedagogical and technical aspects of hosting digital storytelling and game design projects in the classroom.

Some of our favorite projects we’ve seen have students writing alternative endings to literature, role playing the hard decisions people face when displaced from their homes, or exploring ethical decisions and their consequences. Whatever stories students tell, we hope to give them safe space to reflect and explore through memorable text-based game projects.


While building text-based games, XP participants will explore pedagogical themes ranging from Digital Literacy, Peer-Peer Learning, and the idea of Students as Creators. XP is meant for anyone interested in building games to use in the classroom or wanting to facilitate student game development as part of their courses. Checkout the games made during XP.

XP uses the open-source Twine software as the platform for building text-based games since no prior programming knowledge is required to use Twine.

If you are interested in using XP in your own curriculum, use this work and adapt it to your needs! XP is intentionally published as an Open Educational Resource (OER), making it easy to share and utilize.

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